Hank Johnson: Time and Place


Hank reveals a recent meeting with Jahan — and shares an interesting insight on the Links between places separated by space and time, but connected by something else…

As you know, Jahan and I have had a long and checkered history since we met after I was injured during my journey east — gosh, long time ago — Darsana? — sometime around then. We have been enemies, friends — close at time, and at times unreconcilable separated.

I can’t say that I know her and I can’t say that I trust her, but I am drawn to her, not for the obvious human reasons, but I somehow I feel that we are a yin and a yang. We are two pieces of a puzzle that expands even as it is solved, which is not uncommon when you study anything. Things that appear very clear in the beginning become murkier as you gain knowledge. As opaque becomes transparent, detail emerges, and in the detail are a million other mysteries.

I met Jahan recently. I met her in that old estate she calls her palace. Of course, the palace is an Anomalous Zone, but this time I did not enter it as I had before. This time, I transited from one Anomalous Zone to another. It seems that there is a secret set of connections in the world that connect Anomalous Zones. The model in Ingress is Links. When places are connected, they are for a moment one thing — connected by the person or network of people that unified them. It is not exactly quantum entanglement, it is a secret geography that connects times and places — an entanglement of mind and spirit. They are Linked, and that word takes on a deeper meaning.

It is becoming more and more clear to me that recent developments in technology and in non-physical spaces like the internet have been preparing our minds… brain priming or shaping us to accept the fact that reality is not what we think it is.

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