Martin Schubert: Thoughts on the RPG (also: RPG Signup Sheet)


Schubert responds to Stein Lightman’s concerns about the 13MAGNUS REAWAKENS RPG experience — he does not believe that the RPG could affect the Navarro Anomalous Zone and is unlikely to affect our reality in any meaningful way…

I’m not sure who to believe… they are both well read and reasoned researchers…

One thing Schubert did bring to the surface was the signup sheet for this RPG. The link is: I’ve included it in the Investigate Menu on the left for those who are interested as well.

Greatest respect for +Stein Lightman, but I am extremely skeptical about the true results of the ‘Remote Participation’ experiments he discussed.

I saw nothing in the objective findings that suggested that Remote Participation affected anything. Rather, to me, it was a near perfect example of ‘Affirmation Bias.’

In short, he saw what he wanted to see and believes what he wants to believe.

To those who doubt me or think I might be in the pocket of a well-funded corporation studying the effects of XM, I put the challenge out there: Show me one piece of hard data that ‘Remote Participation’ affected anything other than the mindsets and perceptions of the participants in the exercise. Nevermind, I’ll save you the trouble. There is none.

Besides, who knows, maybe if a ‘MAGNUS’ forms at 13MAGNUS: Reawakening, it will improve things. I won’t be there, so at the least I’ll be off the hook (I hope.)■□□■■□■□■□□□□■■■■□□□□■□■■■□□■□■□■■□□■□■■■■□□■□□□■■□□■□■□■■□□■□□□■□□□■■□□■□□□■■■■

I’m jesting, of course, but in my assessment, their Role-Playing-Game exercise is a harmless exercise.

In fact, in some circles that I am connected to, I have already begun to see a sign-up sheet for this RPG experience emerge. It can be found here:

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