RECON MISSION: Kodama in San Francisco


OK… so if you’ve been paying attention you just learned that Agent KodamaSmiles is going to be in San Francisco this Sunday and is hosting an impromptu XFAC meet-up at the Ferry Building at 2:00 PM.

What you may not know is that she isn’t in San Francisco for sightseeing — she’s on a mission.

Reliable sources have informed me that Kodama may be attempting to contact one or more sources in the two hours prior to her so-called ‘Meetup.’ If you recall, she was recently seen in a series of videos speaking to an unknown individual…

I don’t know what mechanism she will be using — Dead Drops? Brush passes? A face to face meeting? A phone booth? It’s all a big unknown — the stage is set, my sources tell me Kodama can’t change her plans at this point. And that’s why I need your help…

Agents, here’s your mission:

We need to run a recon operation on Kodama from Noon to 2PM on Sunday. I know approximately where she will be at Noon, and we know where she’s going to be at 2PM, so we need to keep track of her on her journey.

  • During that two hour window, use the Scanner to attempt to locate @KodamaSmiles. It’s likely that she will be unable to resist taking down some Portals and this will help reveal her location.
  • When she is in public (only), try and take pictures of her without getting spotted by her or spooking her. Try and follow her if she attempts to evade the tails — but don’t get burned!
  • If she attempts to leave any dead drops or intel caches, try and recover them.
  • Try not to get spotted.
  • Share any images you can capture or intel you can recover using #KodamaRecon
  • I’ll sweeten the pot and throw some dynamite passcodes at the Agents who gather great intel during the course of this operation.

Counting on you, Agents… Let’s see what if we can uncover something about Kodama’s mysterious connections…



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