#KodamaRecon Followup


Image by Agent Gil L

Agents did an excellent job today tracking Agent KodamaSmiles across the Embarcadero area of San Francisco.

Some intel was recovered, and we’ll be working on piecing that together and recovering missing fragments that may be needed to bring it into focus.

A number of you were critical of my decision to surveil Kodama’s activities in SF… I will reveal to you today what I could not in my previous post on this subject in order to protect our operation… Kodama was fully aware of this reconnaissance mission, and in fact had asked for my help in setting it up. She had received the tip to come to San Francisco from an unknown source, and was unsure who this individual might be… our hope was that by surveilling the situation from afar (and by protecting Kodama’s involvement in the operation), we may be able to potentially identify the source.

It worked and it didn’t work — it seems our operation was detected and the source did not make contact — however, the Agents performed admirably and I suspect this kind of reconnaissance exercise could be useful in the future. Kodama had recovered some fragments of intel earlier and shared them with the Agents, and hopefully more will be recovered in the days ahead.bcn94.348vt

My thanks go out to the Agents that helped conduct the operation today, and to Kodama for putting herself on the front line in this attempt to gather intel. While many questions remain about her recent activities (such as her #FateOfThe13 briefing…) she remains committed to serving the Niantic Investigation. As a man of many secrets, it would be hypocritical of me to not afford others Investigators the same privilege.

I’ll be sending out some passcodes to those who contributed to the #KodamaRecon stream in the coming days. Below are some of the images captured during the course of today’s operation.


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