This is Madness


Martin Schubert, the Skeptic, offers a scathing indictment of the Tecthulhu-module based 13MAGNUS REAWAKENS art projects and the independent Tecthulhu project covered yesterday on Investigate.

The danger of being known as a skeptic is that people tend to always view anything you say through that light.

In some ways, you are the boy that cried wolf, because your point of view is, almost invariably, inconvenient… something that disrupts the status quo, something that interrupts plans set in motion and comfortable assumptions.

I accept that, like Cassandra, my warnings will go unheeded. I accept also that sometimes my natural skepticism may prevent me from seeing certain possibilities (I experienced that at Niantic).

Over the last few days, however, +H. Richard Loeb has surfaced the increasing velocity of the projects emerging for 13MAGNUS: REAWAKENS and Agent +Jared Elgvin’s Tecthulhu project.8785577778675556834003759049816392

I cannot overstate how much dread I experience thinking of what these projects may awaken.

We witnessed +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s calamitous fall. We saw the Tecthulhu images from Tycho. We now see +Jared Elgvin’s mental state being slowly affected by what he is building.

And the attitude of most towards all this is: Sounds good. Proceed?

Skeptic or not — this is madness.

Martin Schubert via Google+

Well… ouch.ce93lbfi9vn22tv


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