Navarro’s Golden Roots


Shaw Henson, replying to a recent message from Jay Phillips, surfaces a frightening theory about post-XM-era intelligence gathering, as well as an interesting find from an Operation Essex member about Navarro’s hidden past


TO: Jay Phillips
FROM: Shaw Henson
RE: Legends and History

I know what the ‘or…’ is that you’re talking about. Could the letters have been hacked out of our brains. I’d been wondering the same thing. I don’t want to think about it, but let’s go down that trail a bit. My understanding is that the Japanese researcher Akira Tsukasa was exploring a theory that originated at Niantic which involved connecting with the so-called ‘Ultimate’ and extracting data from it. Depending on where this tech stands, it could be possible to ‘read’ our thoughts, or perhaps summon a memory as specific as a letter. A memory so precise that I could not consciously access it.

Frankly, it seems unlikely. Unless… Of course, they are using Exogenous Technology that we haven’t learned about yet. What are we letting into our world?

As to the Navarro site, it seems that the group known as Operation Essex did some open source research for us. I quote from a post by one named Yik Sheng Lee:

“A Google search reveals an interesting history on Captain Fletcher. Charles Fletcher, a sailor, ship’s carpenter, and whale boat captain, was the first settler of what became the town of Navarro near the mouth of the Navarro River. Capt. Fletcher’s father was a Scottish sea captain. Charles was born in the China seas on the Schooner “Wildcat.” He came to San Francisco in 1849 during the gold rush. By ca. 1851, he had arrived on the north coast, apparently as captain of a whaling ship with a kanaka crew. Nathaniel Smith, an African American from Maryland, was said to be his cabin boy.

A whaling ship captain. Gold rush. San Francisco.p6qzqpjfpc8qbqqrqb83c2ryxuxlzbzzqr9xxn

This immediately reminded me of the +Niantic​ whaling ship and the mysterious cargo picked up at Paita as she sailed to San Francisco. And just like the Niantic, Captain Fletcher came because of the gold rush. Most interestingly, both the Niantic and the captain arrived in San Francisco in the same year. 1849.”

There’s a lot to mine out of this, but it seems that 1849 was an anomalous year and many things were happening. We can’t rule out the theory that the gold discovered could have been the byproduct of a massive Dark XM event. Of course, we can’t prove it at present.

There’s more in the original post, but it seems clear that something happened at Camp Navarro nearly four centuries earlier.vkohmlnanrfpdrhgurlmbmabdhqnflzklxm

As for Exogenous Entities, the latest theory from my guys is that they have existed throughout history, seen by sensitives and interpreted as Jin, ghosts, demons, windigos and various other transient entities. I suspect we are going to be seeing more of them and they are going to be both more manifest and substantial post Aegis Nova and the emergence of the Tecthulhus.

We have no threat assessment on them if they, indeed, exist. I think this should be a priority.



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