The Spaniard's Logbook

The Spaniard’s Logbook

At 13MAGNUS: Reawakens, Hank Johnson read some pages from a document he had recovered which recounts some of Navarro’s hidden past. I had asked Hank to share this information with me, and he obliged. Thank you, Hank.

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The IC Sourcebook – All pages

Tuning back in. Investigate — for now — is safe. Bugs hunted and squashed. Dark code sought and brought to light. Today’s post is an interesting read: If you ever wondered what the IC thinks about some of the topics we have covered over the course of the Investigation, here’s your chance to find out.

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Despite the fervent denials that she’s been looking into anything fishy up here, Kodama has turned up some intriguing data… I fear that Investigate may be compromised. I will not be posting updates here for a few days while I sort this out. The Investigation, however, must go on. Details in this post…

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13MAGNUS: Reawakens -- Day One

13MAGNUS: Reawakens — Day One

A short update from 13MAGNUS: Reawakens… The energy here is palpable. Special.

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Had a curious conversation with someone who’s deep in the know. If you’ve been following recent reports on Investigate, you’ll be aware that some are predicting an Anomalous Zone or an XM Anomaly Event at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens. I probed this source on any additional details they may be aware of.

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The Unwitting

Yesterday, I received a warning from an anonymous source. Today, @KodamaSmiles got a similar letter. She forwarded me the note that she received.

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A Warning…

Received a warning earlier today from an anonymous source via a dead-drop. Real? Fake? Not sure. Either way — in my mind it’s not surprising. The Corporations are out probing the cutting edge of XM research, and the ethics of it all be damned? Yeah. Color me shocked…

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Hank Johnson: The Nature of Real

Hank Johnson weighs in on the emails that I published over the last two days — sharing his recollections of the conversation described by ‘Amaziah Lachish,’ as well as an interesting parable about the nature of truth and reality…

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The Statues – II

As promised, the continuation of yesterday’s drop — a letter purportedly sent to Hank Johnson. The sender is a person I have never met, but that pseudonym (I think it’s a fake name…) is known to me — they have been a source of intel in the past…

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The Statues – I

A source sent this to me. It is purported to be a copy of an email recently received by Hank Johnson. Hank hasn’t publicly revealed anything about this, however, so take this intel with a grain of salt. There is one additional fragment to this message… I will surface it as soon as I can.

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