Rumor: Akira Tsukasa’s up to something…


Take this all with a grain of salt — the report comes to me second-hand, but I do trust the source.

The story goes like this: Apparently, Akira Tsukasa (the virtuosic Japanese researcher involved in major projects like NL-PRIME) gave some of her team a pretty thorough chewing out recently. Tsukasa currently leads IQ-TECH East thanks to her past long-standing relationship with Ezekiel Calvin and stands at the cutting edge of XM research (recall a concern from a few days ago raised by Shaw Henson).

The source says that Tsukasa had asked her team to develop a series of protocols designed to optimize an Agent’s evolution from their first contact with XM all the way to when they master navigating the Portal Network and bending it to their will. It’s possible she was hoping to accelerate the process of bringing new operatives in her extensive network up to the highest possible bar. But the plan this team assembled simply wasn’t up to snuff. She mocked them, saying that the Agents she has interacted with in Tokyo as well as other places around the world would put them to shame.

Apparently she then marked a date on her calendar and told them to get lost, saying she had a better idea. Sometime in late June, according to the source.

That’s all I know at this point, and like I said, throw some salt on it. It’s all hearsay until I see verifiable intel.



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