Precious Metals


Shaw Henson and Jay Phillips continue their conversation about the unknown entity behind a corporate maneuver designed to gain access to the Niantic Project facility.


TO: Jay Phillips
FROM: Shaw Henson
RE: RE: Takeover

We should meet in person to discuss Brandt. In an unrelated case, we looked into (his/their?) mining concerns — it seems they may be shielded by a corporate structure based out of Johannesburg. There were some things that didn’t add up. Either way, it seems like everywhere I turn I’m seeing precious metals. There’s a rumor that Brandt was talking to Hulong Transglobal — specifically one of their subsidiaries.6i5m4sajdtrxn4t3

I think that if we’re going to talk about this, we should do it in person. Not that it would matter – if our ‘mind hacking’ theories are correct.4cta97ajr27htzm



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