Archetypal Visions – 1


Some time ago, a series of images were uncovered from Agent Kodama’s recent briefings on #FateOfThe13. Operation Essex, of course, was first on the scene. It was, I believe, Essex Investigator Yik Sheng Lee who first extracted this series of images and began speculating that they may be representations of MAGNUS Archetypes by the famous comic artist Tycho.405224328509^81472185193125000185193185193140^08373248^58503

I stayed hands off for a bit — the provenance of the images was unknown to me and I had no evidence one way or another. I now do have reliable intelligence, however, that these images originated with Tycho — they are indeed his representations of MAGNUS Archetypes. I am working on gaining access to the full set. I don’t know when I’ll be able to pull that off.16>iv>vi>8=6c6865cec662696666696cea63e2c6cccc6f66


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