MAGNUS: Threats and Opportunities – 1


I was able to obtain a few sections of a document — allegedly of IC (intel community) origin — examining the Threats and Opportunities of the 13MAGNUS Reawakens event at Camp Navarro.

I will be vetting and releasing these pages over the course of the coming days — there is some interesting stuff in there…


As requested, this is our threats and opportunities analysis for the ’13MAGNUS REAWAKENS’ event taking place in May, 2017 in Navarro, CA. We apologize in advance for the amount of time it has taken to get this report out. We are operating under 1959 protocols in a secure facility and in a low XM environment. Such precautions, inevitably, cause delays not unlike working in a SCIF.

We have confirmed that Niantic Labs rented the Camp Navarro Campground for the weekend of May 19th-21st. A number of alternate parties had previously been attempting to rent the location during this window, but withdrew their applications for unknown reasons.

A schedule for this event was recently published by Niantic (, and we have confirmed that there are numerous outdoor ‘camp-like’ activities planned, including bonfire ceremonies, various family-oriented games, star-gazing and other activities designed to represent this event as a fun outing.

Hidden within this schedule, however, are a number of data points that we rank of high concern. We have confirmed that Camp Navarro is a highly active Anomalous Zone and seems to have been so for many centuries, perhaps more. We believe that there was a significant event involving a secret Spanish Inquisitor society as well as a native tribe during the late 16th century. The dates are uncertain.

We were able to acquire a partial guest list. While many of the attendees are known, our ability to fully analyze this information has been gated by the fact that we are unsure of what Archetypes they could represent. Further, Niantic’s interest in gathering and activating Agents across multiple Archetypes remains unclear to us — and has been a subject of concern.8iusispceor8oe3k

We suspect a deeper purpose to the event, but are unclear as to what it might be. Analysts are continuing to work on it. It is always difficult to separate ‘wheat from chaff’ in ‘hidden in plain sight’ operations. By their very nature, they produce vast amounts of communication, online chatter and other data which make the task of analysts more difficult.a6ytv4ig8v7eg8t68ga

We suspect that there are multiple agendas hiding within Niantic’s Camp Navarro event:


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