The Statues – I

A source sent this to me. It is purported to be a copy of an email recently received by Hank Johnson.

Hank hasn’t publicly revealed anything about this, however, so take this intel with a grain of salt. There is one additional fragment to this message… I will surface it as soon as I can.



You might not remember me, but we met at conference on the ‘Origins of Human Consciousness.’ I think it was around 2000 but it might have been a year or two earlier. As I recall (though I might be conflating conferences), your future colleagues Devra Bogdanovich and Stein Lightman were there and a younger Dr. Wright was presenting. In any case, a few of us hit on a fascinating theory based on Julian Jaynes’ ‘Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.’m7ofvo3g4vq4i4x

We postulated, over a few glasses of wine, that perhaps the ancient statues actually did speak, and perhaps were actually robots or animatronic figures from another more advanced civilization — what is now fashionable to call an ‘Exogenous Intelligence.’

I believe we were meditating on the following passages: “lesser men hallucinating the voices of authorities over them, and those authorities hallucinating yet higher ones, and so on to the kings and their peers hallucinating gods,” and “the idols of a bicameral world are the carefully tended centers of social control, with auditory hallucinations instead of pheromones.”

We agreed with Jaynes that in these ancient bicameral societies the idols may literally have been gods that ate, drank, sang, danced, slept and so on.y8v7qmhg7sdid9d

Knowing what we now know of Exogenous Entities and XM animation of statues, is it not time to advance these theories? Let me put forth a bold proposition: Suppose that these statues served as a form of ‘Tecthulhu’ and that in the Exogenous Era, the statues actually animated and the Exogenous were able to walk the earth in godforms made by men.


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