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Hank Johnson weighs in on the emails that I published over the last two days — sharing his recollections of the conversation described by ‘Amaziah Lachish,’ as well as an interesting parable about the nature of truth and reality…


I’ll be honest — don’t recall meeting the person who calls themselves Amaziah.

I do remember the conversation that was mentioned in that email — the bicameral mind, and how it might explain a sudden change in humanity’s relationship with either itself or the Exogenous, depending on how you frame the question.

A number of us were present — at the time I was not very well known in these highly academic circles (to be fair I’m still kind of an outsider) — and I mostly hovered around the edges of the discussion. If I remember correctly, it was Wright who was the key driver and who first raised the possibility that the bicameral mind theory could have emerged as a rationalization for the sudden disappearance of an outside influencer on human thought and behavior.ve.xosfjls1rxt1vft.k.lou1zfr.k1vw.k1.arvjprvr.a

If you’ve ever been around Wright for a period of time, two things become clear: 1) He will talk endlessly about nearly any subject and enjoy it perhaps more than he should, and 2) Despite this, the ideas he presents are often challenging or at the least thought provoking.

Time and science have largely dismissed the bicameral mind theory, but for those of us who are aware of the vast body of evidence surrounding what — for lack of a better term — we call the Exogenous Era, it’s a well thought out explanation for something that remains a mystery.

One day, we exist in a fluid system where an outside force may have actively engaged in shaping our destiny. The next day, we were alone. Did this happen, or are we imagining it from the comfort of a scientific future and a mind that conceives reality in a certain, self-assured way?

I recall a story told to me by another Niantic researcher — and I apologize if I (or they)’ve told this before — of a person who doubted the myths of their faith and visited a guru to discover the real truth.

This person asked the guru a number of questions:

Guru, you say that two great gods fought here, and one died and this mountain is his body. Is this true?

The guru says yes, this is true…

And guru, you say that this god’s mother wept at the loss of her child, and these oceans was formed from her tears. Is this true?59foper24cooqwg9

The guru says yes, and the conversation goes on for some time like this — each time the guru affirming that the myths are true, and explain the presence of every aspect of the world around them.

Finally, the frustrated visitor says: Guru, when I look at the world around me, I see no great gods, I see no evidence to serve that any of these things you claim actually happened.

The guru responds: Did you want to know if these things are true, or did you want to know if they happened?

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