A Warning…

(Video above and thumbnail image by Angel Warkentin (Tenshi24)

Received a message earlier today via a dead-drop.

Real? Fake? Not sure. Either way — in my mind it’s not surprising. The Corporations are out probing the cutting edge of XM research, and the ethics of it all be damned? Yeah. Color me shocked…

Either way, thanks for the heads up, anonymous stranger… I always watch my back, but it’s always good to be reminded not to let one’s guard down…

See you folks in a few days at Navarro — let’s all keep an eye out for weird and unexplainable occurrences…


I have had my friend deliver this to you to maintain my anonymity. I can not tell you who I am or how I know this, but take me seriously. l51l35l5u6p46plb65z6ubc42c44f42c5749pf5v59357x5qu6u6ll47l47

IQTech, Hulong and Visur are all playing with fire. No one’s hands are clean. They are actively exploiting 13M:R to conduct some potentially dangerous research.

Their end goal is to either try to construct or summon Exogenous Entities. Since nobody knows what that means, they’re just throwing spaghetti at a wall. The hunt for future commodities… Weapons. AI systems. Hell, even games. They don’t care. They just want to test and see if Dark XM creatures can exist in our world. They’ll figure out how to monetize it later… xmeazlalkxvwrytxxbhawihtitcjpjxynbxqz

The research in their labs isn’t enough for them, now they need to exploit the braintrust of Agents — see if they uncover something their own researchers missed.

I can not overstate the gravity of this.

If you’re still planning on going there, you need to watch your back, because they won’t. 



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