Had a curious conversation with someone who’s deep in the know on 13MAGNUS: Reawakens.

If you’ve been following the reports on Investigate for the last few weeks, you’ll be aware that some analysts are predicting that the profusion of Tecthulhu-based Portals at the site could cause some kind of dimensional disruption — an Anomalous Zone or an XM Anomaly Event…

I probed this source on any additional details they may be aware of. Their answer was brief and hazy — not the most useful intel I’ve ever gathered but it’s something. I’ve transcribed their statement below… and yeah — this person just talks that way:

I suspect that many challenges will exist — and Agents will have to shine across many facets in order to claim victory.

It could be that it’s not just about who’s there, but who couldn’t be there. Who’s somewhere else, near or far, and might be able to help change the lay of the land?

And what other places might Agents have visited in the past? I find that interesting. In some ways, these key memories define our past and our future. Where have you been? Have I been there? Are we connected somehow? If not yet, can we now?

There will only be a handful of Portals at the site… using them effectively — connecting and controlling them with ease —  will in part define those who claim victory…

But in all things, a keen mind, resolve and teamwork, ultimately, are the greatest forces in Ingress…”7r4bfugjntn9n2i4

Needless to say, the conversation didn’t last long… sharing what I can in the hope that it’s useful to you all…3530324544171533333117174346493125

Either way, I would come stocked and prepared to face whatever comes our way…


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