13MAGNUS: Reawakens -- Day One

13MAGNUS: Reawakens — Day One

A short update from 13MAGNUS: Reawakens.

The energy here is palpable. Special. I mentioned this earlier when I spoke with the many Agents gathered here — perhaps some thought I was being facetious, but it was an honest sentiment. Right now, this is the most powerful source of XM on earth. There may be places with more Portals — or larger Portals, but none that represent more intellectual, emotional and perhaps even spiritual energy.

The gathering here feels like family: A large family, built of many smaller ones. At each camp, the strength of the bond that connects these Agents to each other is visible in tangible detail.

The work to build the Portals continued through much of the day. Even as the sun was setting, the energy remained high.

I look forward to what tomorrow will bring.


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