Misty’s Appearance

I was as surprised as you folks to discover that Misty had gained access to the secret channel I had been using to communicate with ADA. To respond to some of the comments from yesterday, I never provided Misty any information about how to reach ADA, nor did I send out any message to let her know that ADA was trying to make contact.

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What Comes Naturally

Some Investigators in the comments yesterday were astute to notice that these conversations with ADA all actually took place some time ago… I am only releasing them now when it is safe to do so. That fact makes the existence of this particular transcript all the harder to explain…

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Hank Johnson’s NOMAD: 13MAGNUS Reawakens Part 3

Hank Johnson concludes his coverage of the ‘Portal Luminance Projects’ — Agent-created installations at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens in Navarro, CA that used a classified piece of technology called a ‘Tecthulhu’ module in order to affect and be affected by Agents.

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Seeking Misty

Seeking Misty

For reasons that are not yet entirely clear, ADA has been attempting to make contact with Misty Hannah…

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Enlightened claim Agent Olympiad - June 24 2016

Enlightened claim Agent Olympiad – June 24 2016

#AgentOlympiad has come to an end. By all appearances this was a truly unique event. It pushed Agents both physically and tactically as they fought for AP and to win a number of challenges including cluster battles, flash shards, dead drops and more…

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Agent Olympiad Begins…

The Agents have arrived on site, and this unique event is about to begin… The Live Feeds commence at 11:00am UTC.

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Investigating Akira

Yesterday, I mentioned my suspicions that the Agent Olympiad event may have something else at stake behind the seemingly innocuous cover of ‘a friendly contest.’ Fortunately, we have an asset on the ground who shares my concerns…

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The First Agent Olympiad

Things seem to be gearing up for the first Agent Olympiad — a unique event featuring 30 Agents from each Faction testing their resolve, skill, stamina and teamwork in a series of Ingress related challenges.

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Hank Johnson’s NOMAD: 13MAGNUS Reawakens Part 2

Hank Johnson continues his examination of the inspiring and powerful ‘Portal Luminance Projects’ at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens in Navarro, CA. These interactive wonders interfaced with the XM substrate using a classified piece of technology called a ‘Tecthulhu’ module.

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The Fate of the Niantic MAGNUS

As a result of their victory during #FateOfThe13, the Enlightened gained control of 12 of the 13 Archetypes in the current Niantic MAGNUS. With the exception of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe — the Alchemist — the Enlightened held the fate of each Niantic Researcher’s membership in the MAGNUS in their hands. Today, their decision has been revealed.

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