The Second Journey: CERN



Those who entered the Navarro Anomalous Zone (as showcased yesterday) during the 13MAGNUS: Reawakens ‘RPG’ were transported, as part of the second leg of their journey, to a familiar place: CERN. But the current state of the facility is anything from familiar.

I can attest that this map is fairly accurate, although it shows only a few small portions of the facility. You’ll note, in the first image, the cables and wiring erupting from the western wall, as if of their own accord. Perhaps they were.

In one of the facility’s lower levels, HAZDATA techs had attempted to reconstruct Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu, with disastrous results. The machine — or creature — had caused a significant amount of damage to the facility.BB1AD1%B!A!a#bD1#bA1bB2

It was in this lower room that ADA had attempted to analyze this terrible machine, only to become trapped in a recursive loop herself. It seems the Techthulhu can exist in many, perhaps all, changing dimensions simultaneously. The Tecthulhu drew her in to its own fractal existence, and there she became trapped.

If it were not for the actions of those who entered this remote participation exercise, it is possible ADA may have remained captured in this infinite process.cbp8 8 9vvn8i


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