The Third Journey: Unbounded


The location of the third journey undertaken by the ‘RPG’ participants at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens is difficult to conceive and even harder to describe. Some of those who I spoke with described it as ‘The Unbounded Place.’

A dark, cavernous space filled with statues of gods, heroes, mythic beasts and many other kinds of individuals; a number of challenges and battles awaited those who entered.

And, it seems, there was only one way out — through the Phoenix — to face it, and perhaps, to become like it.8e7b6fafab79967d8c7b9a7caaa9a97a86

I am avoiding discussing this location in too much detail — I would rather hear the recollections of those who experienced this strange and mystical place.

Share your memories and impressions in the comments so that we can built a collective tapestry with which to understand this strange anomalous zone.9p8uxerujri4h4a7


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