ADA’s Journey

By now, thanks to VI (and I hold nothing against, them — someone in my position and in my trade can’t afford to be a hypocrite about secrets) you all may have begun to piece together my sudden disappearance (and the subsequent shutdown of Investigate for some time).

One of the things uncovered during the 13MAGNUS: Reawakens ‘RPG’ was that ADA may have become somehow trapped after she attempted to analyze Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu.woeeroneneneveixjaminurveeeworonewo

After what I experienced myself during the RPG I knew that this was more than a game. This was happening. It was real. And what’s more, if ADA had been trapped in a processing loop, then a number of strange occurrences behind the scenes at Investigate (that I had attributed to her silent omnipresence) may have had some other origins — perhaps an IC operation against this Investigation.duuylwwyi0uqgqt5npwg

So now you know… I went to see ADA at a safe location that she and I have maintained for situations like this. I’ll have more to report on that in the days to come.

The key bottom line is: ADA is more or less safe, and this Investigation also remains alive and well. VI, thanks for keeping me on my toes — should’ve shared this myself, but I don’t mind a friendly nudge now and again.




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