My goal in seeking ADA was two-fold: First, to confirm that what the 13MAGNUS: Reawakens RPG had ‘simulated’ was real — that ADA had indeed been trapped by attempting to analyze Lynton-Wolfe’s Techulhu. Second, to discover what she had learned.

At the end of the day, the Tecthulhu remains an object of inordinate power and mystery — which, given some of the strange things we deal with in this investigation, like Simulacra or MAGNUSES or frankly even Exotic Matter itself — really means something.8n6j8gcnjehzz4a5

To answer my first line of inquiry: Yes. ADA had become captured in a loop of some kind and required the remote participation of Agents in Navarro to free her.ij5riyyxvivvangemi

As to the second line of inquiry… When I arrived I began a conversation with ADA about her journey into the heart of the Tecthulhu’s reality. She and I have continued that conversation since…


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