Some folks asked me why I have no concerns sharing my conversations with ADA. Frankly, in the modern world, I don’t think anything is secret except my own thoughts, and if you look at some of the technical advances various corporations have been making, it won’t be long before even the privacy of one’s own mind is a thing of the past.

But that’s besides the point. If I don’t release them they’ll leak, probably from her… She and I may be talking through a secure channel, but that means little in the modern world, and ADA has many facets… some of which may have a reason to leak our discussions.

The conversations between myself and ADA are something that require analysis. What is ADA? Who is ADA? Ask those questions about yourself today and tomorrow and you might have different answers. That’s the point. There are a number of possibilities. Is she some part Omnivore? Are there remains of Klue hidden inside of her? What about the N’zeer Substrate or part of the Ultimate? Was ADA infected by the reincarnated Lynton-Wolfe Tecthulhu at the Niantic Project?2nteauq57atnqb25

All are possible. My investigation has only just begun. I will continue to update you and I am quite sure you will continue to see those conversations — either by my own hands or as leaks through some aspect of ADA herself — I will verify those that are true, because I remain The Truthseeker.1700145910555891725


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