The Begin (elegy)


Agent jaicat, who I have previously tipped the hat to on Investigate, has brought to the surface a fascinating piece of music…

I’ve been able to gain access to a highly protected music and data about the ongoing investigation into XM, Niantic and Ingress. The music file was uploaded on my SoundCloud page. This music may have been found in the unknown online music distributions like Spotify. I don’t know who made and distributed this. If I remember correctly, these lyrics were featured in Carrie’s Vision Journal. Enoch, Didn’t you do it? He hasn’t publicly revealed anything about this, however, so take this intel with a grain of salt.

p.s. I awoke to find this has been dream (-:

@jaicat via Operation Essex (some typos fixes by me – PAC)


So, what exactly is this piece of music?

Something from a deep vault where Carrie Campbell and enoch dalby’s collaborations have been hidden away? A dreamed composition penned by jaicat?

I wonder if it could indeed be both — a variant of remote viewing or remote participation. Maybe, in the dream state, the minds of sensitives like Carrie, enoch and jaicat meet and collaborate, producing tunes as haunting and beautiful as this…

Either way, sit back, throw on the headphones and enjoy…




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