Enlightened claim Agent Olympiad – June 24 2016


Image by Agent Kengood Lo

#AgentOlympiad has come to an end. By all appearances this was a truly unique event. It pushed Agents both physically and tactically as they fought for AP and to win a number of challenges including cluster battles, flash shards, dead drops and more…

Each Faction was represented by 30 of its brightest and most experienced Agents, and it showed… The ferocity and speed with which they faced these challenges was stunning, apparently even to Akira Tsukasa herself.85zkctabyrwh268

Agent Kodamasmiles was on site, hoping to investigate some of the activity going on behind the scenes, but I have been unable to reach her since the event ended. I’m hoping she’ll resurface shortly… it’s too early to get worried, I think.q0w38ilsaylqkmtaw409sb

Agents and Investigators, did you tune in to the event? What were your impressions?


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