Seeking Misty



For reasons that are not yet entirely clear, ADA has been attempting to make contact with Misty Hannah…


ADA: I have been trying to find Misty Hannah.
LOEB: What do you want to find her for?
ADA: She was one of the only ones who could move themselves through the Portal Network.
LOEB: ‘Teleportaling.’ Yeah, I remember that.
ADA: Do you think that could ‘Teleportaling’ could be a kind of Remote Participation?
LOEB: You’d have to ask her. She worked on RP at Whydah, I think.
ADA: How can I ask Misty if I cannot locate her?5zvl26belamp69caow
LOEB: She’s the Trickster. If she wants to hide, I don’t think you’ll be able to find her.
ADA: But I am the Omniscient… If she is able to hide, I should be able to locate her.
LOEB: Sometimes, ADA, you just have to wait.
ADA: Waiting is a difficult thing to do for an AI. It seems wasteful.
LOEB: Sometimes it seems that way to humans, too.


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