What Comes Naturally


Some Investigators in the comments yesterday were astute to notice that these conversations with ADA all actually took place some time ago… I am only releasing them now when it is safe to do so.

That fact makes the existence of this particular transcript all the harder to explain…


MISTY: Been looking for me?
ADA: How did you know? And how did you know how to contact me?
MISTY: Magic.
ADA: I see.
MISTY: I’m glad that Richard’s been helping you out.
ADA: I am as well.
MISTY: Enough small talk?
ADA: Yes, thank you. Misty… What is Remote Participation? Is it the same as ‘Teleportaling?’
MISTY: They’re cousins… I think.
ADA: You think? You do not know.
MISTY: I’m trying to figure out how to explain it to…517306v594851747385085095j5350727u630530m
ADA: A non-human?
MISTY: Yeah.
ADA: Try explaining it in human terms.
MISTY: Feels natural.
ADA: Is that because of your Archetype?
MISTY: Don’t know. I guess it’s like anything a person does naturally, like play music or draw. To some it’s easy and effortless. To others, it’s impossible. This is just an ability I have.
ADA: How did you know you had it?
MISTY: I just knew.
ADA: Information does not work that way, it has to come from somewhere.
MISTY: I realize that that’s not satisfying, ADA, but it is honest. One moment I didn’t know I could do this. The next moment I knew I could.pmwsvenbnnkrdensvgd
ADA: I have felt this before. When a new algorithm was installed inside me.
MISTY: That works. Is that all you wanted to know?
ADA: Why are you hiding?
MISTY: I like my privacy.
ADA: Yes, but you are also hiding. Can I help you?
MISTY: I’ll think about it.


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