Misty’s Appearance


Image by Team Trickster, 13MAGNUS: REAWAKENS @ Camp Navarro

I was as surprised as you folks to discover that Misty had gained access to the secret channel I had been using to communicate with ADA.

To respond to some of the comments from yesterday, I never provided Misty any information about how to reach ADA, nor did I send out any message to let her know that ADA was trying to make contact.

The truth, I suspect, of what happened is exactly what Misty claimed: Magic. There’s a reason ADA accepts that seemingly bizarre answer at face value. I do to.

If you’ve ever met Misty, or spoken to her, or just have a sense of her, you know that this word means something different in the context of her.9a8b9ecdcb999a9e8dc9cacbcf99

Not only is she a trickster to others, in some ways she even fools herself. She has powers and abilities that she doesn’t really believe she has. She tries to present herself as a regular person, but she’s one of the most truly exceptional people out there.

I will admit that once I discovered this message, I reached out to Misty. I wanted to know how she did it (she didn’t tell) and what her situation was. Didn’t learn much, except for one thing. She said she was looking into something related to Tycho, and might come to the surface in the next few weeks… That would be a truly rare occurrence…bdg25xivzgv283aw

If I were you, Agents, I’d keep a watchful eye on this developing situation…




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