XM Disturbances


Compromised intel reveals what the NIA has been up to in recent weeks. I cannot comment on allegations made about me at this time.


TO: Shaw Henson
FROM: Jay Phillips
RE: Anomalous Events


We’ve been nose ot the grindstone for the last few weeks for obvious reasons. A lot to calculate, and we are trying to track a number of threads simultaneously. Hank has been making broadcasts and posting sporadically, but it’s likely this is ‘cover for action.’ We just can’t figure out what the action might be that he is covering for. My suspicion is that he learned quite a bit from Remote Participation and he might be travelling to and from various different Portals, specifically those connected to Anomalous Zones.

We have done some experiments on this front of our own. We were rebuffed by the Afghan Anomaly. We were able to enter CERN briefly but no Anomalous Events were observed. We believe we had some success with Persepolis and were able to observe but not participate. Our operative reports he saw Mr. Johnson and Jahan. We do not know whether this was a known meeting displaced in time or a new one. We have had no success in gaining access to either the Acolyte’s Compound or Jahan’s Palace.c6iy2o7s5ztmt7h

We are aware of the increasing signals pointing to San Diego in the tail end of July. We are seeing some low-grade XM disturbances there, and that this would mark 5 years since the events surrounding Tycho has not escaped us. Intel has indicated Misty Hannah may be involved, but that is still developing.

In related news, we recently uncovered a historical report that the Niantic sailing vessel may have stopped in San Diego while sailing between Panama and San Francisco. This would make geographic sense, but if it were to have happened it was either not recorded in the log or scrubbed from the log. Will report any follow-ups. If you have any additional channels that could leverage deep historical archive to explain why the USG requested the Niantic take on certain passengers when it was docked in Paita in 1849, other than the cover story, of course, that would be extremely helpful.oraexfogizfjnnireudfhsmni

Finally, we are aware of the strange series of events that have surrounded the fracture of the NIANTIC MAGNUS. The continuing public silence of its former members has been difficult to explain — even more as we are aware that H. Richard Loeb of the Investigate blog has access to conversations between them that we have been unable to obtain. His decision to withhold this information remains unexplainable.

J. Phillips


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