The Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs weighs in on a recent discussion of the threats and opportunities in machine learning and AI.

“When you actually do the science of machine intelligence, and when you actually apply it in the real world of business and society—as we have done at IBM to create our pioneering cognitive computing system, Watson—you understand that this technology does not support the fear-mongering commonly associated with the AI debate today.”

Perhaps these naïve researchers have forgotten that technology and an innate hunger within humanity for more have always traveled hand in hand.3839395557273541202737275453563231

What they call fear-mongering, we call common sense and an awareness of history.

IBM Is Clueless About AI Risks

Earlier this week, David Kenny, IBM Senior Vice President for Watson and Cloud, told the US Congress that Americans have nothing to fear from artificial intelligence, and that the prospects of technological unemployment and the rise of an “AI overlord” are pernicious myths.

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