Spontaneous Conversation



As the Enlightened began the process of reorganizing the MAGNUS, a series of conversations unfolded behind the scenes among the former Niantic Researchers. This is the first of them…


[Overlapping voices] LIGHTMAN: How about one at a time? Stein here.
CALVIN: Calvin.
HANNAH: Misty. I think I heard Schubert grumble earlier.
SCHUBERT: Yes, and I believe I heard our young friends, Carrie and Enoch.
[Loud metallic sounds] JOHNSON: I’m here. Sorry about the noise. I’m on set. I’ll be on mute.
[Metallic sounds end] BOGDANOVICH: I am too. I just didn’t want to interrupt.
NAGASSA: It seems we usual suspects are all here. Perhaps we should move on?
CALVIN: Who initiated this call?
CALVIN: Nobody?
KUREZE: I assumed you did.
NAGASSA: This would be strange. It appears that all of our phones rang simultaneously.
SCHUBERT: I must say that it is quite amazing to be on a call that nobody admits to having initiated.
CALVIN: Well, to be honest. I have been thinking about the need to assemble this cadre for an important discussion.
HANNAH: So… we’re saddling up again?
CALVIN: It’s not quite like that… I’ve learned that the Enlightened have begun the process.
[Loud shouting sounds] JOHNSON: The MAGNUS…
[Shouting sounds end]yDb16m25032200g111801g11220225iDoh0722
CALVIN: The same.
BOGDANOVICH: What does that mean for us?
[Unidentifiable sound] SCHUBERT: What was that? Are we being monitored?
DALBY: No. It’s something else.
CAMPBELL: An exogenous signal. An attempt to speak.
[Silence] HANNAH: Well, this party went from ominous to downright creepy.
CALVIN: I suggest we reconvene after I have made arrangements for more secure communication.
SCHUBERT: Is that something you’re really any good at?


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