With Cause



Our recent experiments and learnings in Remote Participation have caused me to rethink things I have always taken for granted… not only about the nature of cause and effect in this entangled quantum world of ours, but about our own power to manifest reality based on our thoughts and actions.

How quantum trickery can scramble cause and effect

Albert Einstein is heading out for his daily stroll and has to pass through two doorways. First he walks through the green door, and then through the red one. Or wait – did he go through the red first and then the green? It must have been one or the other.205202122221215154117218232167121226159188218

What do you think, Investigators and Agents? Are we at the mercy of the quantum coin flip or can we manifest reality with our thoughts and actions?787!##)!!9!%%)9!@%^@!)9#@))8858@!^

Where is the line drawn between Fate and Ambition — Destiny and Inspiration?


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