Once Upon a Time in Puerto Rico


I was able to gain access to this conversation between Hank Johnson and Devra Bogdanovich. These two Niantic Investigators share a long history as friends and collaborators — and this poses a unique challenge: Their shared memories and vocabulary makes parsing their conversations difficult.

Agents, you have any clue what they might be talking about in this leak?


Hank: Devra… We need to talk.
DevraB: About what?
Hank: Something that happened once upon a time in Puerto Rico.
DevraB: We didn’t set this all in motion that night in Arecibo. How could we have?
Hank: I’m not sure…
DevraB: We were just students playing with ideas, Hank. We were kids. We came up with some theories.
Hank: That turned out to be true.2sex9or9mt7zj5irew
DevraB: It happened centuries before we even went into that cathedral.
Hank: Did it? Or did we remotely cause it? I think we both knew we were in an Anomalous Zone.
DevraB: Neither of us even knew what that was back then.
Hank: But we could sense it.
DevraB: I don’t know what I sensed there, Hank. This was so long ago.
Hank: Yeah, I keep trying to shake the dust off the memories.
DevraB: If we did cause something, the world is a very fragile place. How many times did that place get destroyed? Earthquake after earthquake.
Hank: You don’t find that curious?p;j75;rhrly;575io
DevraB: It could just be coincidence.
Hank: And yet, they kept rebuilding. The world is fragile, but it can be repaired.
DevraB: I’m not going to feel guilty for something I didn’t even know I was doing based on laws of physics and reality we didn’t even know existed, Hank.
Hank: I’m not asking for you to feel guilty.
DevraB: Good, because everybody else seems to expect me to feel guilty about what some recursion of myself may or may not have done. Why should my life before all that be any different?


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