Watch and Listen…


Can’t reveal much about this, but I’ve received some interesting communications. Five years after his appearance at Comic-Con 2012, Tycho may be re-emerging — or, at least that’s what I am hearing from one of the Niantic Researchers.

Will he actually poke his head out again? Maybe not, but even from the shadows, Tycho causes lots of waves. I do know that this elusive and important Niantic Researcher is going to attempt to make contact…

The signals are pointing in two directions: San Diego, CA on Friday, July 21st and Burbank, CA on Saturday, July 22nd, and chatter suggests that, in Burbank, a Remote Participation Exercise may unfold…qeg87nolnrcc48ddv

I don’t know this information for certain, but once I do I may create a signup sheet to track Agents who will help Investigate this ‘RPE’ or ‘RPG’ in person.2vzu2binatoew267j

In the mean time, if you would be interesting in taking part in a Remote Participation Exercise (likely disguised as a ‘Role Playing Game’) in Burbank on Saturday the 22nd, let me know in the comments.


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