The ITO EN Transmuter

Recently, there was chatter about a new dual-variant Portal Mod: The ITO EN Transmuter… it first surfaced in the chaos surrounding #AgentOlympiad, but not much more was known… until now.

I’ve been able to obtain a single page of a tightly controlled document created by IQTech and IQTech-East. This ‘White Paper’ sheds more light on just how the dual-variant ITO EN Transmuter came to be developed, and reveals some interesting new facts about Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s ‘Moyer Tecthulhu’ and the so called ‘Portal Luminance Projects’ at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens in Navarro, CA.6w3ue38rxprzky

My sources tell me that ITO EN Transmuters may already have begun to emerge within the Portal Network…


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