Contacted by Jahan…


Hank Johnson shares some troubling news that Jahan passed his way… a Remote Participation enabled theft attempt on the Anti-Magnus Prime Artifact archives.

As you know, I’ve returned to production on Nomad, but there have been a number of fascinating interruptions.

I do not know how, but the ripple effects of recent Remote Participation events are still being felt…

I received a communication from Jahan that she believed that there had been a theft attempt against her Prime Artifact Archives by a Remote Intrusion Participation (RIP) Team. I think she was trying to figure out if it was me. I assured her it was not… I have no interest in escalating things to that kind of level.8e2guendoro6pu3

She said that her passive and active defense systems had repelled them, but she had no assurances that it would not happen again. And, she suggested that I take precautions, that the Azmatis’ Treasury — which is under my care — could face a similar attempt. Though, to my knowledge there have been no leaks as to its coordinates.2jlg4hslvp4n7e

Hopefully there’s some security in obscurity…

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