The Guardians


Hank Johnson continues the story of the attempted theft of Jahan’s Prime Artifact archives… and how it was repelled.

What I did not mention in my last post is that, after hearing from Jahan, I traveled to India (through very conventional means) to help investigate what had taken place…

It is impossible to overstate how complex and intertwined her and Azmati’s family histories have been. It is a true ‘frenemy’ situation. While they have ferociously competed for Prime Objects for centuries, along with Anomalous Zone Prediction capabilities and other exotic Intel, they are bound together by a desire to keep the rest of the world from breaking up their virtual monopoly. If you think about it, this makes quite a bit of sense though it’s often confusing.

In some ways, the NIA and the widespread availability of the Ingress Scanner was a nightmare scenario they had both hoped never to face.c70940870970c809d08d09a09e08b09709a08d0cb0860c909d0

I also find that our personal relationship is both at the cause and effect of these ancient tides.

Arriving at her palace we indeed found evidence, not only of intrusion, but of what followed… In other words, some of the would be thieves had been repelled by various Exogenous mechanisms that Jahan and her ancestors had placed in the chambers along with passive and active intrusion deterrence systems. In plain speak, traps built in ancient times that still work to deadly effect.7r25homy2rivqsrc

It is becoming quite clear to me that high-tech is not necessarily as effective as low-tech and Exogenous weapons are no more or less effective than modern weapons. They simply work on a slightly different frequency.

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