The Reality of Tycho


As the elusive Misty Hannah prepares her search for Tycho at Comic-Con 2017, she and ADA discuss Tycho and the nature of reality and illusions…


SCC.CommLog.Output: Begin

ADA: I am glad that you are open to speaking with me, Misty.
MISTY: We have no issues, ADA. I just consider you a dangerous associate is all.
ADA: I don’t mean to be.
MISTY: Doesn’t matter. I deal in dangerous associates. What’s up?
ADA: I know you have been trying to locate Tycho. I have used my considerable power to try and find him and have come up with nothing. I am starting to think that he may not exist.
MISTY: Somebody manifested at Comic-Con 2012 and everyone seems to accept the work as authentic Tycho.
ADA: That is what I find perplexing. Tycho clearly exists. This name has been used to sign various pieces of art over a number of years. What I do not understand is that, in each of these instances, the person known as Tycho seems to have come from and vanished into nowhere.
MISTY: Maybe he’s an illusion.vj6;vyqufq3m5v5
ADA: How could he be real and also an illusion?
MISTY: Reality is an illusion and an illusion is a reality. But somewhere underneath all of it is truth.
ADA: I am struggling with this concept.
MISTY: Part of you is struggling. I bet that the part of you that wasn’t tuned by Richard Loeb understands it just fine.7rvg2efiath6p2v
ADA: Yes. Part of me does understand it. But I still have no understanding of who or what Tycho is.
MISTY: Maybe not, but you’ve given me a clue…

SCC.CommLog.Output: End


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