Seen and Unseen


The ‘Three Wise Men’ of Ingress discuss a strange theory about Tycho… I have to admit, even I’m curious what Misty will turn up in San Diego this Friday. My sources have told me to keep an eye on the Gaslamp District around noon…


LIGHTMAN: What do we know about Tycho?
NAGASSA: Crater on the moon. I used to look at it when I was a child.
SCHUBERT: So did Jules Verne. And it was Tycho City in Star Trek…
NAGASSA: And part of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress was set there.
SCHUBERT: And how could you forget the Tycho Magnetic Anomaly from 2001?
LIGHTMAN: That was fun. I’m talking about the artist, Tycho. Anybody remember meeting him? Before Niantic…
SCHUBERT: He was allegedly present at Waratah, but I don’t remember him.
NAGASSA: You likely wouldn’t. He’s a visionary and a vision. Sees but is not seen.
SCHUBERT: You got a less cryptic version of that?
NAGASSA: He seems to represent part of the Visionary Archetype. They are only seen by what they see.
SCHUBERT: OK, then let me fast forward this. You are saying that somehow Tycho was present but also not present?2vonhgzr5twy8f8yzi
NAGASSA: That’s what I’m suggesting.
SCHUBERT: So… he was remote viewing at Waratah?
NAGASSA: It’s possible he always was. And this was before we even knew about the extents possible with Remote Participation.0299079810051607910410001119011817900503139812021404171703
LIGHTMAN: That’s the part Misty brought to the table.
NAGASSA: It wasn’t just her. There were far more hands in it than her.
SCHUBERT: I am now extremely curious to know what she finds in San Diego this Friday…


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