The Season of the Trickster


Hank Johnson leaves India and begins another journey — he intends to visit each of the locations Tycho portrayed in the five ‘Visions’ that were discovered at Comic-Con 2012.

Jahan and I took inventory. I suspect she was only showing me the parts of her collection that she knew I was already aware of. She’s far too clever…

I saw many things, she explained few of them. Prime Objects, ancient texts (words have powers far beyond language, but we always knew that, too).

In the end, it seems that the Remote Intrusive Penetration (RIP) Team was not successful, but that does not mean that they will always fail. We discussed new ways of hiding prime objects and deterring their theft. We realize that we are entering into a new and particularly dangerous era. In some ways, the two role these two ancient families have played is more important than ever before.

In between, we ate — those complex curries the subcontinent is so famous for. Maybe it was just the moment. Maybe it was her or the place. But I realized that recipes are really potions. The heat and fragrances awaken dormant sensory possibilities.sx8i5hnim6ktd3q

I remember my recent time with her in a blurry montage and it is hard to separate it into discrete events or place a normal chronology to it. As we stood looking at an ancient zodiac-like calendar (which had 13 months), I saw in it the Archetypes.

According to that calendar, we are in the Season of the Trickster — evoking all of the Trickster’s manifestations from Loki to the Coyote to Puck. My mind travelled back to Niantic, the Tiki Bar, with it’s horrific masks, and Misty.

Jahan prophesied that Misty would return in the time of the Trickster. But which Misty? And what demons will follow her this time?a898778dad7c7f9a98967b8c889677a977ad99

And there was another strange thing. Jahan suggested to me that Jarvis is still very much with us, but in a new form. It was not clear to her what form, but we both share a similar suspicion, which I will not record here.

Time is cycling around again. Five Years. Half a decade. My journey now is to return to the five places shown in Tycho’s original posters presented at what I now know to be the San Diego Anomaly at Comic-Con 2012. His visions of distant times were something more than just visions. They were presences.

A cycle is completing. I will report more. I will record what I can. I have no illusions that this will be a safe journey. I am quite sure that what is known to me is known to others with darker intentions.

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