The Anatomy of a Tycho Vision


Agent Kodamasmiles has taken note of the increased chatter surrounding Tycho in recent days. She’s written a great analysis of what defined the original Tycho Vision posters that first surfaced 5 years ago at Comic-Con 2012.

Tycho’s been in the news a lot lately…

I wanted to go back and examine some of his original 5 visions to understand the way they worked.

It seems to me, there are a few fundamental ingredients that define the original Tycho posters.

1) They seem to be legitimate visions of other times and places.
Sometimes the past (like the headless buddha at Mes Aynak — possibly related to Hank Johnson’s work in Afghanistan when he was working Spec Ops) or the future (such as the premonition of Jarvis’s death in Zurich or his emergence via the Portals at Cupid’s Span).

2) The coded phrase.
There always seems to be a simple cipher known as a ‘Caesar Shift’ (where you simply count up or down the alphabet by a set number of letters for each letter in the cipher — an example would be that a Caesar Shift of 1 on the letter A is B). These coded phrases seem to always be connected to statements made by members of the Niantic Project at some point… so, there’s an auditory component to this vision as well…totkywalobktkaxgrqzcuyzcua

3) The message.
Tycho’s trademark scrawl… a short, cryptic phrase… Tycho is telling us the essence of the vision in his own, roundabout way, or offering a warning, a premonition or perhaps something else entirely…

4) The map.
There always seems to be the outline of a map somewhere in the picture, hidden in plain sight, usually. In the image attached to this post, for example, you can spot a map of California just to the right of Cupid’s Span.4e57cicd5hqnxthe

4) The second vision.
Each of Tycho’s vision posters always seems to contain one other vision within it… usually a rough pencil scrawl. In the image attached here, we see a moment from Jarvis’s childhood, an encounter with an experimental jet that crashed near his home when he was growing up in California City.

It seems to me that Tycho’s ‘Vision’ posters are more than just windows into a single place and time — they aren’t single visions. They’re like Anomalous zones in and of themselves. Tycho is experiencing multiple places, multiple times, different voices and images and somehow unifying them through his own vision…

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