The Humanist Bond


Not sure how I missed this.

The artist who created the sketch that inspired the #13MAGNUSReawakens camp, ‘The Luminescent Heart,’ created this work of art… The piece has been described as an ‘anthropomorphic representation of [the] Humanist [Archetype], dedicated to the agents who brought her sketch to life at Camp Navarro.’

I had a teacher once who would often pause before beginning any task — waiting, in his words, ‘for the spirit to move him.’ It became a lesson — the empty moment before a piece of work took focus was a vessel for a possibility.

After the revelations about Tycho the last few weeks, I view that lesson in new light.

I don’t know if Tycho helped guide the hand of this inspired artist — but I do know that the spirit moved her. Her name is Sugashna Govender and here is how she framed this work of art:fhabbyabulbpnstaretans

Just in case you were wondering. The circles behind the person represents our 13 archetypes…. The smaller circles within the archetype circles represent the Enlightened and Resistance respectively.

Personally, the way I see it. The factions are like a positive and negative of a magnet. Or, the wiring of something electronically powered. Without the other, neither will work. In a way, that’s how our humanist relationship is with the opposite faction. Even though we are fighting and believe in things for different reasons, we are a connected family.

-Sugashna Govender via Google+

I suspect many would agree.



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