Remote Participation Exercises



At Misty Hannah’s performance this past Saturday, a group of Agents were able to recover a trove of data containing detailed files related to the first Ingress Remote Participation Exercises.

These ‘RPGs’ took place at Camp Navarro in May, and the documents contained herein enable any group of Agents — with the assistance of an able ‘Gamemaster’ — to engage in these Remote Participation Exercises themselves.

As someone who was involved (a bit more closely than I was prepared for…) in these RPEs, I must state this warning: Participate at your own risk… utvyvvwuusxswrvuxzvyxrxsxvuuwquvxs

Remote Participations is not fully understood, and even in the absence of a Prime Object, could have unknown consequences…n0fsvdjjt.lzft.k.lssv.o.yrt.dx


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