The Other Scopas


I was having a conversation with an associate of mine who is well versed in ancient history. I mentioned to her one of the current puzzles I have been attempting to disentangle… Tycho’s cryptic clue: Remember the ruins of Scopas.

She raised something interesting… most associate Scopas with the sculptor and architect who worked on the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, but there were a few other famous ‘Scopas’-es as well…balUS9pTE2QcC2jjN9QVLIy9QL9m2Dz5F8fZ7qLmw1up2hgu0BS6H0MEZkg1xIY0vfqfI7Qxcp

One of them was the head of a Greek familial clan in Thessaly called the Scopadae — and this particular Scopas is remembered mostly for the way in which he died — in the ruined collapse of his own dining hall…z5crw6sneeisv7m7jw

Interesting coincidence, or something more? Not sure yet… Perhaps you’ll be able to turn up something.


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