A Symbiotic Relationship


Agents on the ground at the Misty Hannah magic performance last week were able to obtain this transcript via a mission.

It should be noted that Misty claims this conversation is — impressionistic… A recollection of a supposed interaction with Tycho that may have transcended the language and limitations it has now been recorded in.


TYCHO: How did you find this place?
MISTY: A little digging. A little help from Hank.
TYCHO: What do you see?
MISTY: Impressive. Feels very real.
TYCHO: Perhaps it is real. This place has been home for centuries.
MISTY: I know. You were half of the Paita shipment.
TYCHO: How did Hank uncover this true nature?
MISTY: I figured that out. The story didn’t add up. I knew you had to be some kind of intelligence with the unique ability to possess people.
TYCHO: That is not true. Do not possess people. Simply superimpose a new reality around them without moving them from your reality. Those who can channel artistic visions can sense it. And can thus be sensed. They are shown things. They make what is shown with their tools, innate and otherwise.
MISTY: How is that different than possession?
TYCHO: You do not have time for that answer.
MISTY: I didn’t know a Tecthulhu had a busy schedule.2mjm4hfxxvhht5x8d
TYCHO: It is you who has to leave. Can sense them within you. You must improve your castle.
MISTY: How did you know?
TYCHO: If you had not built it, you could not have come this far.
MISTY: Who are they? Why are they attacking?
TYCHO: They are those who you invited. By your roaming. Not all visions are meant to be seen. To see bears a cost.
MISTY: That’s cryptic.
TYCHO: You like cryptic.
MISTY: I love cryptic.xsyhvwgfqgdtk3fx5nw
TYCHO: All Tricksters do.
MISTY: And all Visionaries love to play with illusions.
TYCHO: A symbiotic relationship.


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