The Dangers of Remote Participation


Hank Johnson shares his concerns about the recently discovered Remote Participation Exercise documents…

I don’t know exactly how or why the Remote Participation Documents were released — whether it was Misty, Tycho or some Exogenous Entity or an accidental chain of events, but I do know that like many other important breakthroughs, these are both powerful and dangerous.

While I understand that Remote Participation might appear to be very much like a Role-Playing Game (RPG) — much like the many I have enjoyed over the years, there is a difference. An important one… Remote Participation might have real world ramifications. I strongly advise agents to exercise extreme caution. In fact, it could even be a possibility that our Dimensional Node — What we consider ‘Our Real World’ — might be the result of Remote Participation Experiments by Exogenous Entities.x5plpm8an6js7vam

Hank Johnson via Google+


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