Anomalous Zone Guidelines



Hank Johnson shares some guidelines on navigating and interacting with Anomalous Zones and Remote Participation Exercises.

Obviously, as host of Nomad and a global wanderer myself, I can’t advise others against adventuring, but I do advise those who are tempted to engage in this, or are in fact already engaging in it, to prepare and equip yourself as you would for an ORW (Our Real World) journey when engaging in Remote Participation Exercises. They are, indeed, similar to Anomalous Zones…

I have little specific advice, but will be gathering more. For now, all I have are observations.

Always be aware of how long your ‘insertion period’ is in an Anomalous Zone, and where your escape portal to the your real world is. Do not find yourself trapped. Part of you will remain there until reconnected. So not leave a fellow agent behind. In other words, ingress carefully, orient, observe and egress on schedule.

Exercise extreme caution to observe but remain mindful of the change you may cause in an Anomalous Zone. There is value in being invisible. We have no idea how events in an AZ might affect things in other layers of reality. Your actions can have consequences, and you may not always be able to know what those consequences are…vakajvfhgrfzjgf

I am developing a theory that there is a relation between mind palaces and things that manifest in ORW. Just as the Scanner tools and weapons we have were planted in Jarvis and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s minds, when we create mind palaces, our ideas might interface with other Dimensional Nodes — to unknown effect.

I am developing a theory that many structures in ORW are physical manifestations of mind palaces from other places. I have not yet acquired adequate evidence to offer as proof of this, but I do believe it. If you come upon evidence of this, please notify me.ucucxqq6xxuc3cyvuxr8xq3l3ljuxyybt

I am endeavoring to build my own mind palace… It has come to my attention that there are tracts on how to do this and I ask your assistance in helping me collect any that come your way.

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