The Trickster’s True Nature


Some days ago, I shared a rumor that Misty Hannah may currently be somewhere in Australia. It seems the rumor may have had some credence to it. Hank Johnson reveals his concerns — and why he is headed to the upcoming Anomaly in Brisbane…

Following #13MAGNUSReawakens in Navarro, I was keenly aware that the world — perhaps the many worlds — were entering a period of change…

From the reorganization of the Niantic MAGNUS in ORW, to the forming of new Magnuses (created by Agents during the Remote Participation Exercises) I knew something more was happening.

It reminded me of Darsana, and the way we discovered that the N’zeer were entering into our world.

And now, I’m become convinced that things may be coming to a head. That’s why I’m going to Australia.

I believe that +Misty Hannah recently traveled to the continent. Maybe she’s still there. If I’ve learned anything about Misty, it’s that she’s got a talent for getting places and being places. Sometimes multiple places at once.2mqhahs8pednk6p5

Her recent show and appearances all are hinting at something important regarding the concept of her “mind palace”.

Usually the places and spaces that form our lives are considered loci for creating memory journeys — simple mnemonic devices to enhance the way our brain works — that’s the essence of a mind palace in a nutshell. But I think for Misty it’s something more.

I’m also worried that Dark XM or some other dangerous force sits at the heart of whatever she’s after. If that’s true, the Anomalies are at the center of it all.

Whatever she’s doing, there could be consequences. And those consequences could be far reaching. Nobody knows this more than I do. I remember #Helios. I remember #Darsana.o7sut9rymox8p4

All this makes me wonder: Could this trickster finally be showing us her true nature?

Hank Johnson via Google+


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