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Hank Johnson elaborates on a theory he initially shared some days ago…

Some Investigators asked me why I believe Misty’s journey to Australia might involve Dark XM.

There’s a reason they took Devra to die there — deep in the Australian desert.

Read Felicia Hajra-Lee’s retelling of the events if you don’t believe me.

Following her attack on Catherine Fan at Hulong HQ, an attack that leveraged weaponized Dark XM by the way, they (literally) shipped Devra to Australia.

Hubert Farlowe, through methods only he knows, followed her. And together, they were ambushed by Smith’s men at one of the only known operating Dark XM mines in the world. Far from civilization. Hidden deep in the desert.

Devra and Farlowe survived, but Devra hasn’t been the same since. Whatever the influence of Dark XM on Devra, it has been undeniable.

This is another reason I’m making this journey. If the ongoing threats to the Portal Network, and perhaps to ORW, are Dark XM related, then it makes sense to be near one of the few known sources

This is a path I don’t tread without trepidation. My last experiences with Dark XM, though distanced by the false comfort of Remote Participation, have left me forever changed.

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