Hank Johnson reveals what he believes to be Misty Hannah’s true intentions — he claims she may be intending to use the upcoming Ingress Anomalies to summon an exogenous intelligence and interface directly with it…

I’ve long believed in ‘Power Spots.’ In fact, some of my earliest work into the subject, before Niantic and Ingress, dealt specifically with how ancient peoples chose the locations for their most sacred structures and art through the influence of a power they couldn’t understand. Or resist.

We now know that that was the Exogenous. Shapers, N’zeer, we’ve come up with names to define them and compartmentalize their impact on our world, but I doubt our list will ever be complete.

But what of Dark XM? Were the locations where this rare substance has existed places that the Exogenous avoided?

At the moment, it is just a theory, but it would explain why certain areas seem to repulse activity, rather than attract it. If so, why? Much to learn…krtvcxnrdvjoxuqterbiasvfunfzgnsepdwooemeyfldhiinrs

The ancient people of Australia may have been some of the first people to experience Dark XM. It is logical to conclude that they encountered it during their thousands of years exploring the outback. If so, then there may be information here to uncover.

As for Misty, I think she is attempting to do something much more reckless than I had initially believed.

A theory that has been floated in the past is that Anomalies and heightened XM activity may in fact draw Exogenous Intelligences closer to our reality — perhaps even allowing them to temporarily enter our dimensional node.

Has Misty been preparing her mind palace to enable her to interface with such an intelligence directly?

Is she hoping to, as Devra would put it, establish dialtone?

If so, it’s likely she intends to use the Ingress Anomalies to fuel this goal…titeyiypfcoyzvsaewaotoslo

I cannot overstate my concern about this. Nor can I understand why she would choose to do something so reckless.

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