A New Pandora’s Box


It seems a number of folks have had opinions about Misty’s role in the upcoming Anomalies, but Misty herself has remained quiet on the matter. Not any more…

It’s apparent to me that some of you are questioning my motivations for certain actions I’m taking or have taken.

Forgive me for being vague here, but there are things that must remain inside a small circle.

I’ll say what I can. What I’m engaged in has been going on for centuries… hell… millennia.

I’m just doing it in a deliberate way. I’m looking forward.xruqban5pmiz36t4

Is anybody really unaware of the fact that many people are taking actions now, (with remote viewing, RPEs and and other activities I won’t identify) that could be opening a new Pandora’s Box.

Misty Hannah via Google+


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